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        Gee Burnett is a long-time member of the realty team at Wetzel Services. Gee moved to Greenville from his native city of Tampa, Florida seventeen years ago, and has been with Wetzel for the past eleven years. He has enjoyed working as a realtor both in Florida and South Carolina, but likes the opportunities he has here to work with international clients and learn about their various cultures.

        Gee has been married to his wife, Margaret for 25 years, and they are proud parents of two daughters. Ellis is twenty-two years old and recently graduated from Clemson University, and Lizzie is nineteen and has just started her sophomore year at Clemson.

        Gee shows his family solidarity by spending his free time watching Clemson football. When he’s not doing that or finding people the perfect house, he enjoys playing tennis and traveling – presumably to sunny places. Seriously, the guy is always walking in here with a fresh tan. He knows how to live.

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