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        In Part 8 of our blog series Wetzel Team Unplugged, we would like to introduce to you Sanaz Schroeder,? our Intercultural Trainer and Relocation Specialist.

        Adjusting to change and new cultures has been part of Sanaz’s whole life, and the truth is, she seeks out these challenges. In fact, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (N.D. Walsch) is a motto she lives by.

        Born in Iran, Sanaz moved to Germany with her parents at age 10. The difference between the Persian and German cultures was huge, and settling into her new life was hard at times. However, Sanaz took it as a challenge and adjusted so well that today, she says she feels more German — although she never forgets her roots. After living in different places in Germany and getting her PhD in Adult Education and Didactics, Sanaz and her husband moved to Switzerland. Sanaz worked as a university professor in an interdisciplinary team where her understanding of people and adaptation to life in a new country guided her.

        Always looking for adventures, Sanaz loves to meet new people and learn about their cultures and to travel to places off the usual tourist routes. She has been to many countries in Asia and Africa. One unforgettable experience was a 6-week trip to Malawi with “Doctors without Borders”, where she worked closely with the local people and actively helped them.

        In the beginning of 2015, Sanaz and her husband were ready for a new adventure as they started their expat life in Simpsonville together with their then 1-year-old son. Soon after coming to South Carolina, Sanaz knew that she would want to stay here longer than originally expected. Her husband now has a local contract, and they plan to stay for a while. Sanaz enjoys the Southern hospitality and the easy way people approach each other. She says it has been much easier for her to start her life here than in Switzerland.

        When traveling in the U.S. with her family, Sanaz likes to explore lesser-known places and hidden beaches. However, a boat ride on one of the lakes nearby is also a relaxing weekend getaway for her.

        With all of her experiences, Sanaz is a great asset to the Wetzel team. She started as an Office Manager in September 2017 and supports projects in all departments. She also enjoys interacting with all the different people she gets to meet when teaching Intercultural Training seminars (to the U.S. or to Germany), and to helping people cross cultural borders, as she has done herself so many times.

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